Live Arrival Guarantee (L.A.G)

Please ensure that the shipping address provided is correct in order to validate this guarantee. Please note that our shipping specifications must be met for our Live Arrival Guarantee (L.A.G) to be valid. Customers may opt out of the L.A.G to meet their specific requirements, however this is not recommended and will be at the customers expense. The L.A.G may also be void if there are any carrier delays, rerouting, or carrier mishandling. 

We offer an 100% live arrival guarantee on all of our animals. We also guarantee the sex of the animal to match what was stated at the time the animal was purchased. Customer must contact us within an hour of delivery with any Dead On Arrival (D.O.A) claims. Once inspected and accepted the well being of the animal is the sole responsibility of the customer. At this point, customers must provide the animal with its basic needs.

We also offer a 7-Day Health Guarantee on all captive bred animals. We are confident in our animals and their wellbeing at our facility. Captive bred (CB) or (CBB) animals will be labeled, if not, the animal is assumed to be a field collected or a farmed import. Internal issues on imported animals are not included under our guarantee; it is an outward health guarantee only on imported animals. All field collected or farmed animals are handpicked to ensure only the BEST possible stock. Please contact us with any concerns or husbandry advice to avoid potential problems. Updates are required for animals that customers are concerned with. Our 7-Day Health Guarantee does not cover outside injuries (e.g. keeper mistakes, tail loss, attacks by other animals, feeder injuries, etc.) 

Lastly we offer a Sex Guarantee. Animals that are marked with a specific sex are 100% guaranteed. Any animal that is sold as unsexed but labeled probable male or female is not guaranteed.  

Any Dead On Arrival (D.O.A) claims must be accompanied with pictures of the deceased animals, the packaging and its contents. Any claims regarding an animal that becomes deceased within the 7-Day Health Guarantee must be accompanied with pictures of the deceased animal, pictures of the enclosure, and accurate temperature and humidity readings. Lastly, any claims regarding our Sex Guarantee must be accompanied with pictures of hemipenes (for males), pictures of probed animals, or any other proof.