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Are you considering a new pet reptile? Key considerations include feeding frequency, enclosure needs, and handling preferences. We'll help you find your ideal snake, lizard, or turtle companion. Contact us!

Our website is designed to be user-friendly, with reptiles categorized for easy browsing.

We offer Live Arrival, Health, and Genetic Guarantees outlined in our policies. (Click here)

We typically ship priority overnight Monday through Thursday, with a focus on Tuesday and Wednesday as the middle of the week is the safest. Shipping is weather permitting. (Click here for detailed shipping guidelines.)

Acclimating procedures vary by species. We have a blog coming soon for tips on welcoming your new reptile home.

We emphasize shopping with reputable breeders who maintain clean environments and proper husbandry practices. Reputable reptile breeders will have great onboarding procedures for new animals to avoid any cross contamination or exposure to parasites. Though, regardless where you get your animal from, we recommend quarantining new pets away from your existing animal, we aim to keep a well cared for operation. Your animals are backed by our health guarantees noted in our policies.

Explore our diverse selection of reptiles, ranging from common to rare, with prices varying accordingly. (Click here for affordable reptiles for sale)

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