Tree Boa and Tree Python Care Sheet

Easy Guide to Arboreal Boa and Python Husbandry (Care Sheet)

  • Life Expectancy: ~20 Years
  • Size:  Tree Pythons - up to 6 ft / Tree Boas - up to 9 ft
  • Food: Pinky/Fuzzy Mice - Small/Medium Rats
  • Feed Schedule: Once per week
  • Baby Enclosure Size: 18in(H) x 12in x 9in
  • Adult Enclosure Size: 3ft (H) x 2ft x 2ft
  • Ambient Temp: 75-82 degrees fahrenheit
  • Hot Spot: 88-92 degrees fahrenheit
  • Humidity: 50-75%
  • Types of bedding: Coconut, Cypress, or Moss
  • Temperament/Handleability: Can have a slight attitude but can easily be tamed
  • Additional info: Tree pythons and boas can look different between locality and/or species. They are generally a more expensive reptile than most. These snakes make amazing display animals as they usually remain on a perch, however these are a much more intermediate species. Lights are optional but not recommended. Heat mats are the best choice. (All info above is based on common specimens, variable information between specimen may apply)

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