Sulcata Tortoise and Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet

Easy Guide to Sulcata and Leopard Tortoise Husbandry (Care Sheet)

  • Life Expectancy: 70+ Years
  • Size: Sulcata: 24-36+ inches / Leopard: 12-18 inches, some even up to 30 inches
  • Food: Leafy greens, rarely offer fruit
  • Feed Schedule: Daily (babies) / 2-3 times a week (adults)
  • Baby Enclosure Size: 10 gallon tank
  • Adult Enclosure Size: Outdoor pen
  • Ambient Temp: 70-75 degrees fahrenheit
  • Hot Spot: 90-100 degrees fahrenheit
  • Humidity: ~60%
  • Types of bedding: Cypress, Dirt mixture
  • Temperament/Handleability: Generally docile
  • Additional info: Sulcata and Leopard tortoise are unique in their own way but have fairly similar care. They will drink water and need a water bowl, however young animals should be soaked a couple times a week. Usually priced between $99-$199. These tortoises make amazing long term pets as they live long lives. They will need UV and Heat if kept indoors. Food may be dusted with calcium and occasionally multivitamins.

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