Monitor and Tegu Care Sheet (Common Species Compared)

Easy Guide to Monitor and Tegu Husbandry

(Care Sheet)

  • Life Expectancy: ~20 years
  • Size: Varies between species
  • Food: Insects, Rodents, and Raw Meat (Tegus will also eat fruit on some occasions)
  • Feed Schedule: Daily (babies) / 1-2 times a week (adults)
  • Baby Enclosure Size: 10 gallon tank
  • Adult Enclosure Size: 4 x 2 x 2 for small species / 6ft + enclosure for larger species (enclosure size varies greatly depending on species)
  • Ambient Temp: 70-80 degrees fahrenheit
  • Hot Spot: 100-120 degrees fahrenheit
  • Humidity: 60-80% / 40-50% for drier species (e.g. Savannah Monitors)
  • Types of bedding: Cypress or Dirt Mixture
  • Temperament/Handleability: Can be Generally Docile when tamed, most take much effort
  • Additional info: Monitors and Tegus can make great pets when given much respect and tamed well. Most species grow large and require a lot of space, but as long as you can provide their basic needs (e.g. UV, Heat, and Diet) they should do well. Prices vary between species.

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