Chameleon Care Sheet

Easy Guide to Chameleons Husbandry (Care Sheet)

  • Life Expectancy: ~5 years
  • Size: Varies between species
  • Food: Insects
  • Feed Schedule: Daily (babies) / 2-3 times a week (adults)
  • Baby Enclosure Size: 16in x 16in x 30in
  • Adult Enclosure Size: 2ft x 2ft x 4ft
  • Ambient Temp: 72-80 degrees fahrenheit
  • Hot Spot: 85-95 degrees fahrenheit
  • Humidity: ~50%
  • Types of bedding: Cypress, Dirt Mixture, Moss
  • Temperament/Handleability: Can bite and need work for handling
  • Additional info: Chameleons, like most lizards need UV and Heat lights. These however, are extra fun to have as you can decorate their enclosures with a bunch of live plants as they usually remain perched on branches and vines. Prices for chameleons depend on species and color quality which can range from $69-$500+

Sunset Lizard Green


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