Ball Python Care Sheet

Easy Guide to Ball Python Husbandry (Care Sheet)

  • Life Expectancy: 25+ Years
  • Size: 3-6 ft
  • Food: Hopper Mice - Medium Rats
  • Feed Schedule: Once per week
  • Baby Enclosure Size: 6 qt tub, v-15 bin, or 10 gallon tank
  • Adult Enclosure Size: 41 qt tub, cb70 bin, or 20-40 gallon tank
  • Ambient Temp: 78-82 degrees fahrenheit
  • Hot Spot: 88-92 degrees fahrenheit
  • Humidity: 50-60%
  • Types of bedding: Coconut, Aspen, Cypress, or Paper
  • Temperament/Handleability: Generally docile
  • Additional info: Ball pythons have many color and pattern mutations. That being the case, the prices are also extremely variable. They have easily become the most common pet snake. Ball python care is fairly simple and is the perfect option for a pet or for breeding if you’re looking to produce cool morphs! Lights are optional but not recommended. Heat mats are the best choice.

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